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Site Category: Personal
Webmaster:John Rana 
A website about the Philippines/Filipino wedding celebration. Here, brides (and grooms!) can exchange thoughts and ideas with others thru the message board. With W@W, we put the WOW! on your wedding!


"Wolfgang Josef & Paulette Anne
.....a love to last a lifetime"
Site Category: Personal
Webmaster:Letlet Muenstermann 
Homebase: GERMANY
Experience once again to a site which will leave you fulfilled with HOPES, MAGIC and INSPIRATIONS brought by TRUE LOVE:



Zapped! The Twisted Tales
Site Category: Personal
Homebase: USA
Zapped! is about Jessica Zafra and her "Twisted" articles and other books. This site is made by a pinoy, about a pinoy, for the pinoy!


Site Category: Non-Business
Homebase: USA


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